I discovered E412 Consulting on a nonprofit Facebook group page — one that I usually perused when I felt desperate about work. This was summer of 2020, in the height of the pandemic, and I was the executive director and sole staff of a small arts nonprofit. I had just streamlined the budget so we could weather the pandemic. To keep money flowing in, I tripled the number of programs we offered, staffed them with volunteers, and completed a Giving Tuesday Now fundraiser. To keep expenses low, I reduced my hours and crammed every second on (and off) the clock…

“Pediatric Patient”…

A label you never want attached to your child, but that’s where we found ourselves this past spring. We discovered my daughter needed an invasive surgery to rectify a scoliosis curve that had gone too far.

Being a member of the E412 Consulting team — a firm dedicated to helping non-profit organizations thrive simply, intentionally, and sustainably — I’m used to helping and supporting nonprofits, not the other way around. However, during this chapter of our life, we found ourselves on the receiving end of these organizations dedicated to pediatric patients and their families.

Caitlin Hornung found joy…

We’ve all been navigating the pandemic during the last year (plus a couple of months).

You, as a nonprofit professional, know that the work you do has been critical in this last year.

(And that’s regardless of the discipline you serve in!)

Your services have been critical for the growth, support, and emotional well-being of the neighbors in your community.

You have helped the people in your community to navigate this last year.

But while you did that, you had one tough thing on your plate that was new to you since 2020.

You’ve had to deal with: how do…

Emily D H Olson

20+ years of experience in non-profit leadership. Passion for creating integrative and intentional strategies for NPOs.

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